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Why the ATF can’t rule on bump stocks

With bump stocks simply being a gun accessory or part and not an actual firearm, the ATF has no jurisdiction to regulate on them nor does the Second Amendment apply to it. Here’s why. * – The place to go for outdoor, active lifestyle videos that don’t discriminate against guns like YouTube does. * […]


Rep. “Nuke ’em” Swalwell doesn’t have the figs to back up his mouthy threats

Eric “Nuke ’em” Swalwell has certainly stepped in it with his “nuke” talk. Here, Paul shuts his little nuke train down. * Check out – a video site that does NOT discriminate against gun owners! Upload your videos and watch others. * Be sure to join the web’s ONLY 100% pro-gun social community, Gun […]


Would you prefer a hockey puck or a 9mm for self defense?

We saw where a Michigan college planned to equip its teachers and students with hockey pucks in the event a maniac attempted to storm a classroom and murder them all. Out of fairness we decided to test the effectiveness of a hockey puck versus that of a handgun. Thanks to Savoy Leather for the leather […]