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Product Review Form & Policy

muzzle flash dbOne of the things that makes Legally Armed America such a great place to visit – whether online or on TV or on the NRA’s website – is the variety of quality products reviewed. We have at our disposal the ability to showcase our Product Review Participants over multiple platforms. Some are showcased on our television show, some are featured on our website, some are featured on both, and all are reviewed within our social network connections, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to name a few. And as an added benefit, Legally Armed America is an “NRA News Official Partner” which means your product could end up posted on the NRA’s own website to its 5,000,000+ members as part of our two companies’ cross promotional efforts to utilize each others web content.

In all cases, our Product Review Participants are provided with official review content from Legally Armed America of your product. If your product is reviewed on our cable television show, you are provided the video link to share at your leisure from our program. If your product is reviewed on the Legally Armed America website, you’ll be provided a link with which to share at will across your social network connections.

The dilemma we at Legally Armed America face in regards to our product review process is controlling the flow of potential review items while maintaining a certain level of quality control. In an effort to uphold a high standard of product inclusion, we require that all products be accompanied by a “Product Review Request Form” below.

Please understand that due to the volume of requests we at Legally Armed America receive for product reviews that we cannot predict nor guarantee if, when, or what medium (TV show, web, social media) your product could be reviewed on. You will be notified when your product has been accepted for review and again when the actual product review has been completed.

We’re excited and honored that you would like Legally Armed America to review and report on your product. There are no limits on the number of times a company can have a product or products reviewed by us. However, we reserve the exclusive right to choose what products fit into our scope of items to review.

Below is the Legally Armed America “Product Review Request Form”. Please fill it out prior to sending your item(s) so that we can track and control product arrival.

Product Review Request Form

Send products to:

Legally Armed America / Product Review Board
1750 W. Prien Lake Rd.
Lake Charles, LA 70601