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It’s current day in America. There has been a Level 1 outbreak all along the Gulf Coast and the infected – the zombies – have been either eradicated or contained in certain areas. While the zombies don’t pose a huge threat to urban areas as those areas were rid free of the infected pretty quickly by the military and local gun owners, they have managed to stay relatively untouched in rural areas.

One of the areas hardest hit with the outbreak is the Deadwood State Prison on Johnson Island down in Southwest Louisiana. Johnson Island is surrounded by waterways and has only two bridges leading on or off of it. All the persons at Deadwood at the time of the outbreak were eventually infected – all prisoners, guards, and staff.

While these zombies do not possess the brain capacity to figure out how to leave the prison, a few get lucky and find their way through a number of gates and doors that were left open from people fleeing the prison during the outbreak. Most people avoid Johnson Island and especially the Deadwood Prison area. But not everybody does…

The guys at Legally Armed America have been filming and testing firearms, outdoor gear, and survival gear on Johnson Island for a while for their show “GunZ Inc.”. Their private range Cottonmouth Farm – happens to be less than a mile from Deadwood Prison. The guys welcome the challenge of having moving targets on Cottonmouth Farm, so when they get to shooting and blowing things up for “GunZ Inc.”, they get the attention of the zombies roaming free and they make their way over to Cottonmouth. This can lead to a little excitement and some creative shot placement.

On “GunZ Inc.” you’ll learn everything from how to maintain and operate some of the coolest new firearms and outdoor gear to being introduced to some of the most helpful personal defense and survival tactics around.  Why will this show appeal to you?  Well, while we at Legally Armed America and GunZ have mad respect for all military, security, and law enforcement personnel out there, we are not any of those.  Therefore, it’s unlikely that we could duplicate the tactics of those professionals.  We’re regular guys – average at best!

Where can you watch all the action?  Details coming soon…

“Semper Paratus.  Semper Victor.”  (Always Ready.  Always the victor.)