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What is a bump fire stock?


After it was determined that the Las Vegas coward used bump fire stocks on his rifles to murder innocent Americans, the media proceeded to muddy the water in terms of putting out very inaccurate data regarding the specifics of bump fire stocks and how they are or aren’t related to fully automatic rifles.

This video is not intended to defend nor to degrade owners of bump fire units. (Except the Las Vegas shooter. He is an A-hole.) It is simply meant to educate people on what a bump fire device is and how it works.

NOTE: Modifying a legal rifle with a bump fire system is legal to do, to own, and to shoot. It does not create a fully automatic rifle by definition, its action, or by the ATF’s ruling.


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  • I enjoy using guns for recreational purposes, but this video’s point is built entirely on the false premise that accuracy matters when someone wants to produce mass casualties in a densely populated situation. A literal “pray and spray” is perfect for their evil purposes as they aren’t even remotely attempting to pick off individual targets.

    The truth is that a bump fire stock’s flaws are actually “beneficial” (or at least moot) if you’re trying to blanket a large area and large number of people with fire.

  • Steve Paris

    Not very accurate, but very effective when firing into a large crowd of children….