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STI 10mm vs Rock Island 10mm Gun Money


We at Legally Armed America device our “Gun Money” series with 2 beautiful 10mm 1911’s, the STI Nitro 10 and the Rock Island Armory Ultra FS.

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  • Hans Gruber

    I always love to see videos on 10mm handguns and ammunition! As dedicated Rock Island buyers already know, the RIA10mm offers a lot of value for the money, and it’s refreshing to see a head-to-head comparison with a “higher end” pistol so potential buyers can evaluate how to spend their own money.
    I would like to see manufacturers recognize that calibers such as the 10mm, being able to shoot a wide range of bullet weight and velocity, really need adjustable sights.
    I’d love to see more videos on 10mm handguns beginning with the Glock 20, 29, and 40, and maybe in future videos take the guns apart to show the viewer that all important chamber area!
    Overall I like the video and presenter’s style.