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The gun industry has its own energy drink that benefits vets, first responders, and 2A groups


Legally Armed Marketing + Media is proud to introduce the shooting industry’s first-to-market pro-gun and pro-Second Amendment drink. BATTLE JUICE is a new energy drink that will be distributed at firearms retailers and gun ranges throughout the U.S. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various charities including veterans organizations, law enforcement and first responders, and pro-2A groups. To see BATTLE JUICE on display at the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, visit Windham Weaponry in booth #4918, or G2 Research in booth #609.

According to Legally Armed America President and Founder, Paul Glasco, “BATTLE JUICE energy drink is the firearm and outdoor industry’s newest tool for increasing mental focus, boosting physical performance, and improving overall task execution on the practice range, during firearms training, mil/sim activities, in the line of duty, and even while protecting our country.”

“There’s another benefit to BATTLE JUICE,” says Glasco. “Companies can use BATTLE JUICE to promote their own brands to a captive audience of firearm and outdoor enthusiasts looking for that performance edge. “Every can of BATTLE JUICE includes a panel that features a high resolution picture of the featured product, with details/specifications, and a scannable QR code that sends you directly to the featured product’s website,” Glasco said.

While the can includes the primary BATTLE JUICE logo, each order is customized with the featured company’s logo and brand presence. “The intent is for BATTLE JUICE to be consumed just like any other energy drink, but the cans are attractive and collectable. People can display the customized cans of their favorite brands on their desks, work spaces, or at home,” says Glasco. “Our goal is to create an exclusive feel for packaging that increases each can’s promotional reach and value.”

BATTLE JUICE comes in an 8.4 fl oz can and is available in +P formula with 117 calories, or a sugar-free version with 5 calories. For companies wishing to customize BATTLE JUICE with their product on the feature panel, it can be purchased in case quantities or by the pallet.

For more information about Legally Armed Marketing + Media and the new pro-2A BATTLE JUICE energy drink, please visit battlejuiceenergy.com, or email info@battlejuiceenergy.com. For media inquiries or advertising opportunities with Legally Armed Marketing + Media, please email info@LegallyArmedAmerica.com.