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You can be put on the Terror Watch list for buying 3 guns?


With no documented reasons as to why a completely innocent American can be placed on the government’s “secret” Terror Watch list, they can be placed on it for purchasing what anyone thinks is a “cache” of weapons (California 2016), bulk ammo, or even based on a hunch by the FBI, DHS, or anyone reporting a person to them.

The original bill (H.R.1076) was introduced in 2015 and had the ability of the government to revoke your firearms simply because you were on the list! There are THOUSANDS on it incorrectly! They even had the ability to revoke FFL licenses and all their gun inventory. What better way to destroy the gun industry than to put the gun dealers out of business…based on a hunch. They have since removed that language from the bill, but that shows you what their diabolical intent is.

Please contact your Congressperson by email and phone and let them know to vote AGAINST this over-reaching, unconstitutional bill. Remember, once you’re placed on the bill for no reason and no due process, there is no documented method to get off the list. Oh, but you can petition the government to consider taking you off. Meanwhile, you cannot purchase a gun!

Go to www.Congress.gov to find out who to contact in your state.