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Our petition to tell Congress to stop using the incorrect phrase “gun show loophole”

Our petition to tell Congress to stop using the incorrect phrase “gun show loophole”

The phrase “gun show loophole” is used often to give the impression that the issue that the gun control lobby is complaining about is widespread and common because gun shows are widespread and common. But the phrase is incorrectly applied and incorrectly used. There is no such thing as a “loophole” at gun shows. Any business with a Federal Firearms License (FFL) is required by law to perform the exact same ATF background checks at gun shows that they perform when an individual purchases a firearm in their own retail stores. There is no difference between the two sales. In other words, if the FFL dealers were selling guns via a “loophole” at a gun show, then why are they not selling via the same “loophole” at their own retail establishments since the gun sales are the exact same at both? A gun purchase at a gun show from an FFL dealer is the same as it would be at Wal-Mart, Academy, Cabelas, etc.

To be truthful and honest, the act that the gun control lobby is indirectly referencing with their “loophole” argument is that non-FFL individuals can legally transfer or sell firearms privately to people they know and who they suspect are non-felons whether at their home, a friend’s house, or at a gun show. (Some states vary.) However, there are times that criminals sell and transfer firearms illegally on the street and amongst each other. That is the real problem. But that is not an issue even remotely related to gun shows. In fact, thousands of state and federal convicts were polled as to where they got their firearms and only .7% of them said their guns were purchased at a gun show. It’s also notable that some of those .7% could very well have gotten those guns legally with an ATF background check performed on them prior to becoming felons.

Honest, law-abiding Americans should keep in mind that if they support eliminating private firearms sales, this will stop the legal sale of firearms between friends, family, and private acquaintances. Any person who is NOT a felon would no longer be able to sell, trade or even give as a gift a firearm to one of their children, siblings, parents, or friends. These completely innocent sales or trades would need to be performed (if they’d even be allowed) through an FFL dealer for a fee and would have to be approved by the ATF. But felons who are not interested in complying with laws would not be affected in any way when they continue to sell or trade their firearms illegally.

With this petition, we are asking that all the members of Congress begin calling efforts to minimize or eliminate private firearms sales precisely what they are – “private firearms sale elimination bills”. By calling efforts to minimize or eliminate private firearms sales by the incorrect phrase “gun show loophole”, they are either ignorantly or purposely attempting to mislead less-informed Americans who can’t or won’t take the time to educate themselves on the issue. It creates a discriminatory and unfounded stigma on gun shows, gun stores, gun owners, gun dealers, and supporters of the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America simply for the sake of political posturing to limit or remove those persons’ Second Amendment rights.

If private firearms sales are what the gun control movement are trying to eliminate, then they should make statements such as “we need to end the private sale of firearms” and not “we need to remove the gun show loophole”.

This proper wording is important so that deceitful laws are not passed that trick honest Americans into thinking they’re doing the right thing based on their emotions. It is very conceivable that lower income families who wish to give a loved one a firearm to defend themselves in a bad neighborhood would no longer be able to provide protection to them because they cannot afford additional transfer fees imposed onto them. It is completely unfair that honest, law-abiding Americans who have trust in their elected officials can be hoodwinked into supporting something that will in turn limit or restrict their own Constitutional right to defend themselves and their families based on improper wording and misinformation.

Gun Show “Loophole” Myth Exposed
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/embed/DevMef0NwD0

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