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NASGW: A preview of some awesome guns and gear coming!

NASGW: A preview of some awesome guns and gear coming!

There are several large firearms-related shows that take place every year and each one typically has its own purpose. For example, SHOT Show is a show to debut new products for the year and it’s open to FFL dealers, while the NRA Annual Meeting is open to the public. Then there’s the NASGW (National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers) which is a show for dealers and distributors to meet with outdoors manufacturers. This year it took place in New Orleans, LA (our home state!) and it was as good as it always is.

While we always enjoy visiting with our friends and 2nd Amendment advocates, the NSSF and the NRA, we’re usually looking for innovative or new products coming out and we were not disappointed. We had a chance to see visit with some folks who have and continue to challenge the status quo in the firearms industry. Here’s our favorites:

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of the shotgun. Our friends over at FosTech have had us mesmerized for a couple of years with their Origin 12 box fed shotgun. But this year some other companies caught our eye:

black acesBLACK ACES TACTICAL (BlackAcesTactical.com)
Eric over at Black Aces out of Florida gets our award for “Best use of the ATF to outsmart the ATF”. While the reasons why their DT Series of short barrel shotguns have many reasons (and a very detailed explanation) why it’s not an NFA regulated firearm, one of the most ironic is its front mounted pistol grip on the fore end. Of course many people freak out when they see one added to an SBR, but in this case, its addition during the manufacturing process is a plus and makes it NOT a pistol because it can’t be. It’s not an SBR because it’s got a smooth barrel, not a rifled one. More on this sweet box fed shotgun when we get our in from Black Aces. These things are sure to be a hit, especially if you’re looking for one to clear a room at home for self defense.

adaptive 10rndbox-kit-product-componentsADAPTIVE TACTICAL (AdaptiveTactical.com)
The guys over at Adaptive Tactical have some of the coolest and most functional modification accessories to convert your Mossberg shotguns into tactical machines. Their kits can turn your standard, off-the-shelf Mossberg 500 into a box fed beast with rails and accessories to complete the expansive mods. Why would you want a box fed shotgun? Imagine if you had to reload your AR-15 round by round each time you emptied it. Reloading using Adaptive Tactical’s kit to allow for magazines is as simple as dropping an empty magazine and reloading a full one. It’s literally done in seconds.

echo triggerFOSTECH ARMS (FostechOutdoors.com)
While it’s not quite on the market yet, we felt the need to tell the gun world about a new product that is going to have people racing out to drop some coin down once they see it: The “Echo Trigger”. The Echo trigger is a drop in AR-15 trigger that gives the shoot two shots with only one complete cycle of the trigger action. How does it do this? When the trigger is pulled to the rear, it’s fires a round. But it has a second disconnector that when the trigger is returned forward for reset purposes, it fires a SECOND shot. So when you perform a normal trigger operation as on a civilian semi-auto AR-15, you basically get a two-shot burst with the complete cycling of one trigger pull. The Echo trigger is 100% legal as it is approved by the ATF (they include the letter!) and it’s easy to use. It comes as a complete drop in unit with an accompanying selector switch as the “Echo Mode” is the mode that utilizes both disconnectors, giving you two shots fired. The “Echo Mode” is in the position used for “Full Auto” on military rifles. The “Safe” and “Semi” modes are in the same position and operate the same as your AR currently operates. The Echo trigger will be available in early 2016. Look for it. It’s sure to be a game changer.

Windham Weaponry modular badWINDHAM WEAPONRY (WindhamWeaponry.com)
Last but not least, we get to brag about an incredible new modular AR system by our friends at Windham Weaponry. It’s called the MCS (multi-caliber system). The MCS comes in a few different caliber kits, but all are TRULY modular. The basic kit is sent our with a proprietary set of quick-change barrel retaining arms that allows you to change out from .223 to 7.62×39 in seconds. They also offer 300 Blackout and 9mm. And I here .22 could be an option as well. Stay tuned to Legally Armed America for in depth video reviews of this system as it will blow your mind with the fact that someone has finally produced a quick change modular system that is truly modular.