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Gun-friendly social media site, Gun District, launches to overwhelming support

Gun-friendly social media site, Gun District, launches to overwhelming support

In 2013 the President, members of Congress, and other gun control proponents took advantage of a couple of mass shootings (committed by people who were not 2nd Amendment supports) to whip the nation into an hysterical gun frenzy. Supporters of gun rights bought weapons and ammo up at unprecedented rates as Barack Obama threatened un-Constitutional action to control and suppress the gun industry. Anti-gun organizations and politicians popped up across the country to try and make a little extra money by striking against an industry that they thought was down. But they thought wrong.

Facebook anti-gun email.Two of the industries who assumed they could push their anti-gun agenda onto the masses were online social media and search engines. The web’s largest social media community, Facebook, began denying legitimate gun manufacturers the right to promote their products on Facebook. For example, companies who simply wanted to tell users about ammunition deals they had on their own external websites were denied the chance to purchase ads on Facebook. Facebook would send out generically-written letters (see picture to the right) denying these ads that read “We found a post you boosted did not meet our ad guidelines.” They then went on to state “Ads for ammunition, firearms, Paintball guns, BB guns,…aren’t allowed on Facebook.”

Google wasn’t far behind. They bragged that they were banning results related to firearms and other products that they didn’t deem to be “family safe”. Up to that point, gun-related products appeared with all other products in search results on the shopping section of the site. With many of the more than 80 million gun owners in America using Google as a shopping tool, the search engine giant had a huge impact on searches for gun-related products at a time when many Americans were searching.

Pretty soon, the gun control zealots out there realized that the American people were very pro-2nd Amendment and would not give in to their anti-gun antics.  But the damage was already done in terms of giants Facebook and Google.

But we at Legally Armed America were watching and listening.  We began work on a rival social media community to Facebook that would openly welcome legitimate gun and ammo sales and never stifle responsible, gun-related interaction.  Guaranteed.  How could we guarantee that?  Because we manage it under the Legally Armed America umbrella!

The brand new gun-friendly social media site, Gun District, was born as a place for gun people to do the same things online that all other Americans do as they relate to their hobbies and jobs, without being harassed or discriminated against.  Gun District allows gun, ammo, and other related products to be advertised for and about.  There are “Pages” just like Facebook where businesses can create a profile for their products.  There’s even “Classifieds” where individuals or companies can post gun, ammo, or related products for sale.  Naturally, Gun District doesn’t participate in the sale or transfer of any of these items, but they go out of their way for their members to work with other members to make legal, Constitutional transfers of items.  Membership is free and there are no obligations of any kind.  Features of the site are similar in nature to Facebook, only better because they’re gun-friendly!

Join Gun District today and began a conversation with other like-minded pro-gun members about anything from gun tips and reloading data to pictures of your favorite guns and guns for sale.   Visit them at www.GunDistrict.com.  Tell them Legally Armed America sent you!

  • itdoeseasy

    It’s not anti-gun it’s anti-liberty. It isn’t about gun control. Its about control.

    There is no compromise to liberty that is not tyranny. When we finally realize this we will finally be on the right path.

    Tyranny has never and will never, of its own, stop. It must be stopped.

    Think on these principles and think of those who stood in front of the British, ready to receive fire, April 19, 1775. What would they be doing now?

  • NOTsosilent

    this guy who ran on and was elected on race lied to get elected… he lied about representing the people.. he lied about being Christian.. he lied about supporting The Constitution… he HAS shown his true colors in trying to strip the Bill of Rights and move this nation under the control of the very countries our founding fathers fled to form this ‘free nation’ which has turned into a nation they never intended. Machine guns were banned (you don’t really need a machine gun unless it is to kill people, forget the purpose of the Second Amendment), God was taken out of school (yet Islam is now being allowed to be instructed and forced upon children (with him and his wife’s blessing of course). He spends more time on a golf course than O.J. SImpson (still trying to find the murderer at the bottom of every golf hole in the nation of course).

    He’s far from being done.. he is having his racist in charge Eric Holder prosecute anyone who doesn’t ‘fall into line’ with his agenda and change the sale of ammo into armor piercing (what do you need with steel tip ammo anyway)… Funny I heard this same thing when they passed the machine gun ban in ’86 and every move against guns since.

  • Perry Dace

    The problem with this initiative is that reaching non-shooters and the undecided waverers is critical. Echo chambers can be very affirming, but we need to be out in “public” as it were. And like it or not, Facebook is that online space (much as I dislike it for lots of reasons).
    It’s the steady drip, drip of regular Joes and Josephine’s posting range day photos that is our best chance of spreading the message and keeping shooting a normal, public activity.