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The SIG SB-15 brace IS an NFA item…depending how you use it.

The SIG SB-15 brace IS an NFA item…depending how you use it.

sig brace and atf lettersIf you’ve been to any gun range within the past six or eight months you’ve no doubt heard the conversation surrounding the SIGTAC SB-15 brace and whether or not it is or isn’t an NFA-item based on whether or not it’s shouldered while mounted on an AR pistol. Well, that conversation just got a little more interesting.

On March 5, 2014, the BATFE sent a letter (see letter below) to the Greenwood Police Department in Colorado that stated “…we (the BATFE) do not classify weapons based on how an individual uses a weapon.” At that point anyone purchasing the SB-15 brace felt some relief if they happened to use the brace in a way different than how it was designed such as placing it to one’s shoulder and firing their weapon.

Then on November 10, 2014, the BATFE sent out another letter (see below) to an unnamed person pertaining to the use of the SB-15 stating that “…if this device, un-modified or modified; is assembled to a pistol and used as a shoulder stock, thus designing or redesigning or making or remaking of a weapon design to be fired from the shoulder; this assembly would constitute the making of a “rifle” as defined in 18 U.S.C. Section 921(a)(7).”

So the November letter looks to change course what the March letter laid out. It’s essentially saying that if a person places an AR-15 pistol with the SB-15 brace (or any AR-15 pistol as the wording goes!) to their shoulder, that that action has basically “redesigned” or “remade” the weapon into a rifle. Now I’ve heard some saying that as long as you didn’t “intend” to use the AR-15 pistol as a rifle when you placed the stock (or buffer tube) to your shoulder that you’re OK as far as the BATFE goes. As unlikely as it is that any of us will ever encounter a BATFE agent while at the range, it is probably equally unlikely that if we do they will give us a pass based on our response that we did not INTEND to use the AR-15 pistol as a rifle when we shouldered it.

Our advice to anyone with a SIGTAC SB-15 support brace or thinking of shouldering an AR-15 pistol? While all of this seems to go against our rights as they’re written in the 2nd Amendment, those are the laws we live with. So go to the range, safely shoot your weapons in an appropriate manner, but don’t try to be cute by shouldering the brace or any AR-15 pistols in a manner meant to thumb your nose at the government while taking pictures and posting them all over Facebook and Twitter in a defiant manner. Don’t ruin it for everyone else by trying to be a hero and drawing attention to this topic. If you dare the BATFE and our government to pass a more restrictive law concerning AR-15 pistols, they will.

We also released a video that explains this recently:

March 5, 2014 BATFE letter:





November 10, 2014 BATFE letter: