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Hog Summit benefitting special needs children a huge success

Hog Summit benefitting special needs children a huge success

The first annual Legally Armed America Hog Summit benefitting children with autism and other developmental delays is officially over and man was it fun! Companies from throughout the firearms industry converged on a little ranch down in south Texas to participate in this by-invitation-only event to demo their products while taking in a little fun ending the careers of crop-destroying hogs. All proceeds of the event will be go the St. Nicholas Center for Children in Lake Charles, LA to assist children with various forms of therapy to improve their quality of life.

ww rifle at rangeTodd Coons from Windham Weaponry brought down some of their incredible line of rifles including the brand new 7.62×39 and .308 models that were perfect for dropping any hog that dared to walk in front of those rifles. Todd’s sons, Christian and Sammy, even got in on the action bagging five hogs between them. The new Legally Armed America edition 7.62×39 appropriately called the “Ender” was debuted and lived up to its name, dropping a hog at 80 yards where it stood with one shot.

caloy tcmRock Island Armory made history by bagging the first ever critter with its brand new .22 TCM rifle when it smoked a hog with one shot of its Armscor .22 TCM ammo. Producing a very low noise report along with extremely low recoil, the 2,000 FPS round was clearly up to the task of hanging with the bigger calibers as it did what it was asked to do. Caloy Tuason from Armscor/Rock Island Armory couldn’t have been happier with the new rifle’s performance. Caloy also provided the Hog Summit attendees with a real treat when he broke out the Rock Island Armory 10mm 1911 pistol along with several other .22 TCM and .45 ACP 1911’s. Lot’s of new Rock Islands were sold!

xs chris glassOur friends at XS Sights had one of the most unique demos with their demonstration of their new GAT (glass assault tool) that was a small, unobtrusive device that could be affixed to the barrel of an AR-15 or pistol by law enforcement officers to penetrate glass pains in a vehicle with little to no effort. The GAT could be used by civilians as well for escape from inside a burning or trapped vehicle. Chris and Bo From XS Sights kept things exciting and treated the group to some of their really cool weapon sight systems.

flir on Legally Armed America rifleAnd hog hunting will never be the same after Angelo, Guy, and Chris from FLIR shared their thermal imaging toys with the whole crew during the event’s night hunts. The intuitive controls of their optics made it fun and easy to hunt the nocturnal pigs while giving the shooter the opportunity to make every shot count without guessing at what they were shooting at or where. Most of the animals that were harvested at the Hog Summit were done so with FLIR’s optics. Paul of Legally Armed America was impressed with the accuracy of the optics as he took one shot with one of the FLIR thermal imaging units at 80 yards to end the life of one unlucky pig. Night hunting will never be the same thanks to the guys at FLIR!

lasermax uni irAnd what night hunt is complete without laser systems? Laura Evans and Brandon Morabito from LaserMax provided the entire crew with weapons-mounted laser systems for their sidearms that made tracking wounded hogs much more effective. When in high-stress situations like scaring up a wounded hog, there’s nothing better than a laser from LaserMax on your pistol to quickly acquire your target – the pig – before dropping a couple of hollow points into the swine’s skull before it can charge you. It made ground movement much safer when it had to be done. And the new UNI-IR laser from LaserMax is completely compatible with night vision systems and gives the shooter an undetected laser to mark a hog that cannot be seen by the animal.

fostech o12FosTecH Arms added to the excitement at demo day with their Bumpski (AK) and the DefendAR (AR) rapid fire stocks. Judd Foster and David Foster helped the participants quickly burn up ammo as these two stocks heated barrels up for all. When they broke out their brand new Origin-12 AK-style 12 gauge shotgun, Legally Armed America’s Paul and Chad began to salivate. This brand new shotgun is taking the gun industry by storm with its revolutionary design and performance. Legally Armed America will be the proud new owners of a couple of the Origin-12’s very soon!

evatt ruger winOur buddy, Steve Evatt, representing the Epicosity marketing firm won our biggest giveaway product, the 50 year anniversary Ruger 10/22 collector’s issue rifle. The prize couldn’t have gone to a nicer guy as Steve is the glue that holds many relationships in the firearms industry together. Yay Steve!

4 amigo deerWith over 20 hogs converted from varmint to bacon by way of boom sticks, the Legally Armed America Hog Summit at the spacious 4 Amigos Ranch was a complete blast! With over 1,400 acres of hunting space, all hunting teams were successful in processing hogs at the ranch that provided some amazing meals and lodging. The crew at 4 Amigos were all very helpful in putting hunters on animals and were all a blast to hang out with.

With the ground work for next year’s Legally Armed America Hog Summit already in place, stay tuned for some awesome videos from this year’s event right here at www.LegallyArmedAmerica.com. If you weren’t at this year’s event you’ll certainly want to be at next year’s. Date and location of the 2015 Legally Armed America Hog Summit will be announced in January 2015.

(Thanks to associate partners of the 2014 Legally Armed America Hog Summit: Hexmag, Mec-Gar, Concealed Carry Magazine, One Tigris, Gator Guns, KM3 Solutions, Varment Target, and Legally Armed Marketing.)