Home Anti-gun Not enough children died in WA state school shooting for gun grabbers to care

Not enough children died in WA state school shooting for gun grabbers to care

Not enough children died in WA state school shooting for gun grabbers to care

Another unhinged clown chose a gun as his tool of destruction this past week, as opposed to a hammer, an ax, or a bomb. This happened at a school in Marysville, WA. By the time the tragedy ended the gunman and a female student were dead and four others were wounded, according to authorities.

But did you notice how it was “Breaking News” as soon as it was happening when all the details we had were that there was a shooting at a school. Even when it was discovered that someone died, the media attention stayed intense. And you can bet that at this point President Obama was readying his brand new anti-gun speech and preparing invitations for yet another stage full of children used as props to gin up support for his new unconstitutional push. But then once the news media found out that “only” one student was murdered and others only wounded, the story died. There’s two reasons for this.

The first reason the media has practically abandoned this story is because in their eyes not enough children died. Why else would they go silent? At Sandy Hook, the media whipped themselves into such a frenzy when more than twenty children were killed that they inadvertently set off such a whirlwind of gun and ammo sales that it took two years for things to die down. But now they seemed more interested in Sarah Palin’s daughter losing a pair of $300 sunglasses than they did in the town just north of Seattle where the shooting took place. Twenty kids? Now that’s a story. One? Meh. It’s sickening that tragedies are measured by the media in terms of the total number of dead kids, not just the fact that kids died. That one family who lost their child is grieving no less than the twenty who lost theirs in Newtown, CT.

The second reason this story is so quiet is that politicians – more notably DEMOCRATIC ones – are only days away from midterm elections for Congress and the Democrats are on the verge of losing control of the Senate. So why would Democrats remain silent after a school shooting after so many of those same ones paraded around begging for face time with any camera or microphone they could get within fifty feet of after Sandy Hook? Because while politicians ignore American voters and rarely vote the way their constituents think, guns are an issue that will get a Democrat bounced out of office and contention for any serious Congressional race. This is a proven fact. So while these Democratic candidates are dying to run their mouths about “sensible” gun control, they know that they will never win another election if they do, including the one in a few days.

But we will, in fact, hear from them in about ten days. Just like Obamacare pimps are waiting until just after next week’s election before they tell the American public what massive increases they’ll see in their healthcare premiums next year, Democrats will be right back to their old tricks the Wednesday after the election and will be coming for your guns with full force.

Beat them to the punch. Vote every Democrat out of office on November 4. We realize Republicans aren’t much (if any) better. But at least they aren’t coming for the tools that I protect my family with.