Home Anti-gun Ebola kills by simply possessing it. A gun does not.

Ebola kills by simply possessing it. A gun does not.

Ebola kills by simply possessing it.  A gun does not.

ebola careFor those of you most likely not familiar with MSNBC – it’s a cable “news” channel – you most certainly missed their most recent claim that the Democratically-controlled Senate’s unwillingness to approve President Barack Obama’s 2013 anti-gun nomination for U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, was the NRA’s fault, thus making the Ebola outbreak also the NRA’s fault as a result. We know: stupid. But why aren’t Senate Democrats forcing this? Why isn’t the spineless Harry Reid pushing this?

What is the one (and probably only) thing that “scares” any elected Congressman? That’s right: NOT getting reelected! And what would cause a Congressman to not be reelected? Voters voting against them. Why would a voter vote against a Congressman? Because the Congressman made decisions in office that worked against his or her voters or did not reflect the views of their voting constituents. So this means that Congressmen – Democratic and Republican Senators in this case – do not want to confirm President Obama’s nomination of the anti-gun Vivek Murthy for Surgeon General because they know that their voting constituents are adamantly against this ridiculous political appointment and would bounce these Congressmen out on their tails if they supported the nomination.

It’s not the NRA that the Congressmen are afraid of; it’s their own voters! The NRA simply makes the information available to likely voters to make a more educated vote, which makes them the enemy in the eyes of those seeking to further hammer through gun control in the United States.

And you may be wondering what makes Vivek Murthy anti-gun. Among other things, he believes that guns can impact Americans’ health. Much like a car, a hammer, a baseball bat, or a rolled up pamphlet from a Democratic convention could impact our health. Guns are not a healthcare issue. Do not allow the gun control wackos of America to directly or indirectly force guns out of your home in order to get cheaper or more adequate healthcare.

The growing Ebola crisis has nothing to do with the NRA. Any human smart enough not to rub their own feces into his or her own hair knows this. But once again we find the liberal media looking to blame someone else for the Obama administration blowing something off as significant as the deadly Ebola virus – which coincidently does kill a person if they simply possess it. Unlike a gun.