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The new “smart gun” will make you look stupid


Armatix_smart_gun_watchIt’s here and I feel safer already! The first “smart gun” has made its way onto the shelves of retail outlets in California, according to news reports.

The Smart System iP1, a .22-caliber pistol – sold for $1,399 – made by the German gun-maker Armatix GmbH, can only function with an accompanying wristwatch, which is sold separately ($399), according to an article by Michael Rosenwald of The Washington Post.

Armatix_smart_gunHere’s how it works: When the RFID-equipped watch is activated by a PIN number and placed near the gun — like when a shooter grips the handle — it sends a signal to unlock the gun and a light on the back of the weapon turns green, according to the report. Otherwise, the firearm stays locked and the light on the back remains red, it stated. The company is betting that demand for the technology will increase as consumers seek guns modified for safety.

So let me lay out two scenarios of common self defense use for you:

Scenario 1) I live in a not-so-good neighborhood and buy a “smart gun” for protection. Since I don’t like to sleep with jewelry on, my accompanying wristwatch is on my nightstand next to my bed along with my “smart gun”. Three meth heads kick my door in at 2:00 am and I am ready. I jump to my feet and grab my gun – oh, wait – put it back down, grab my wristwatch, carefully enter in my 4-digit pin number – damn, got it wrong – re-enter it, “ding”, the green light goes off on the back of my “smart gun”, I grab it just as I’m whacked in the side of the head. I hit the floor and black out just in time to see the meth heads beating my wife to the ground.

Scenario 2) I’m walking in the downtown area which is known for not being a good part of town, but I’m a concealed carry permit holder and have my “smart gun” tucked in my IWB holster, so I’m safe. I’m here for business. As I’m walking, a group of four men start following me. Since I vaguely recall the time it takes me to activate my gun from the time my wife was killed by meth heads and I lost the use of my left eye because I couldn’t get a “green light” fast enough and was beaten senseless, I quickly reach for my wristwatch and immediately punch my pin in. Got it the first time! I hit the ground unconscious with a thud while reaching for my “smart gun”. I know this because I saw the video the four guys shot on YouTube.

This is a stupid idea! It’s only smart if you take it to the gun range and have all the time you need to “activate” it! Stupid, stupid, stupid idea. In .22 caliber??? Wow. Just stupid…