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NRA News and Legally Armed America team up!


laa nra pageThe 2nd Amendment is found within the “Bill of Rights”. It’s not the “Bill of Things We Let You Do”. No, they are actual rights. Rights are not awarded – they are God-given. And there is one organization that has fought for the civil right to keep and bear arms in the United States since 1871. That organization is of course the National Rifle Association – the NRA.

Since Legally Armed America began our cable television show and web community in 2012 we have been an avid supporter and promoter of the NRA. Well, sometimes hard work and dedication pays off because the NRA has reached out to us at Legally Armed America and made us an Official NRA News Partner. What does that mean? Both the NRA and Legally Armed America will now promote each other’s content and websites to the other’s web community.

While we are excited to be partnered with the 5,000,000 member strong NRA, we’re even more stoked to have our logo on the same page as the trail-blazing Charlton Heston on the NRA’s website!

Look for more posts right here on the Legally Armed America website from the NRA as we all work together towards protecting the 2nd Amendment from those who would like to see it abolished.