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Why did we choose a Windham Weaponry AR-15 to “bully”?


windham MPC-CA 16 LWe at Legally Armed America recently chose the Windham Weaponry MPC AR-15 to “mistreat” in our brand new series called “Gun Bullies” where we treat a weapon the way it’s NOT supposed to be treated to try to show how much “abuse” a weapon can take and still function properly. Our goal is not to “break” the weapon, but to show that a well-made firearm can take more abuse and mistreatment than we think they can. But why Windham?

When I got the idea to do the “Gun Bullies” segment I contacted my good friend and owner of Gator Guns in Sulphur, LA, Richard Presutti, to get his thoughts on the segment and what AR-15 we should use. I told him I wanted a weapon that was priced somewhat at the entry level price-point, but I didn’t want junk or the cheapest. As we all know, there are some pretty low-quality AR’s out there (no names mentioned) and I didn’t want this to be a quick series; I want it to last and be interesting.

After discussing what our options were, we settled on the Windham Weaponry MPC AR-15. Windham is basically the old Bushmaster team of builders who pretty much got displaced and then put their middle finger in the air after Bushmaster kicked them to the curb. Check out their story below:

When the people who bought Bushmaster in 2006 decided to move it “lock, stock and barrel” out of Maine to New York in 2011, the original Bushmaster owner, Mr. Richard Dyke was left with both a dilemma and an opportunity. Almost to the day of the 2011 move, Mr. Dyke’s non-compete clause expired. He still owned the property where Bushmaster had been built, and knew all the workers – now laid off – who had helped him build it. He made a decision to “get back in the game” and promptly put an email out to many of his former employees and friends asking if there was interest in joining him for a new project.

With a resounding “yes” of support, he gathered the financing in two days, and started bringing people back into their long-time Windham manufacturing home. Phoenix-like, Windham Weaponry was on the rise. Within three months, the first productions models of the new Windham Weaponry line had been perfected and delivered. Quality, fit, finish, durability, accuracy and value were all superb – giving credence to Windham Weaponry’s motto “The Quality Goes In, Before The Rifle Goes Out”.

Now you see why I chose them! That kind of “can do” attitude (and “can do better”!) is what makes us and many gun owners tick. When I held the weapon for the first time I can remember thinking to myself, “Damn, I don’t feel right mistreating this thing!” This weapon is a darn fine AR-15. Our goal is to prove how good it is, not to see if we can break it. Stay tuned!