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Shooting firearms into the air is irresponsible and helps the gun grabbers


bullet in head new yearsThose of us who grew up around guns can most likely remember someone at some point walking outside and shooting s shotgun into the air at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. I personally can recall at least one such instance. And how many of us have wondered where the bullets come down when we see the jackasses in the Middle East celebrate by firing AK-47’s into the air? Well, it happens in non-third world countries, too – like here in the United States!

Allegedly (unconfirmed) in Redding, Ca one particular jackass chose to do just this very thing – he shot a rifle into the air to “celebrate” and the bullet returned to Earth – you know, gravity – and struck a young girl in the head. Surely the guy was drunk. Another reason not to be operating a firearm. And he certainly had no idea where the bullet that he was firing might land. The girl allegedly survived the injury and is doing well as the bullet did not pass into the inside of her skull. (See the included, unconfirmed picture of the x-ray and the bullet.)

This alleged accident is particularly bothersome to me and not just because a young girl was reportedly injured. You see, nearly every day I log onto my computer and look for new news stories where gun grabbers in this country are mounting their attack on our 2nd Amendment rights. They are mostly stealthy and try to pass legislation and laws in the still of the night like the cowards they are because they know that the vast majority of non-felon Americans stand firmly against their efforts. That is unless we have a mass shooting or some kind of tragedy that involves a firearm. Then they play on good Americans’ sympathies by parading kids out and sobbing about “how many more people have to die”. But those tragedies are always – ALWAYS triggered by some nut bag – never a responsible gun owner…ever.

The people who choose to shoot their rifles into the air could very well be non-felon, legal gun owners as well as – in most cases – responsible gun owners. But these people are the kind of people that the gun grabbers want to catch doing something stupid so that they can paint ALL responsible gun owners with the same broad brush of being irresponsible. The most recent gun-related tragedies – Ft. Hood, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Naval Yard, etc. – were all committed by nut bag LIBERALS! They can’t paint the shooter with too broad of a bad brush without getting a little paint on themselves. But you can bet the moment they catch a conservative, gun-collecting NRA member doing something stupid with a gun that they’ll have they’re next “reason” to register/ban/limit guns and attempt to make all of us look equally stupid simply by having similar hobbies and likes.

In this unconfirmed instance, no one lost a life. Thank God for that. While this may not stop gun grabbers from launching gun-grab parties, it won’t have the same effect because no one died. (Don’t think for a moment that gun-grabbers don’t quietly high-five each other when a high profile gun death occurs!) We as responsible gun owners have a huge responsibility that doesn’t stop just because we aren’t the ones holding the gun. It’s ok and absolutely necessary that when we see someone doing something stupid with a firearm that we intervene and make the environment and situation safe again.

Happy New Years!