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“Gun Bullies”: A television segment on gun torture tests


We at Legally Armed America are always looking for cool ways to entertain ourselves and our friends. We are very excited to announce a brand new segment that we’ll be running on the Legally Armed America TV Show this season called “Gun Bullies”.

“Gun Bullies” is for the most part going to be a series of torture tests for various popular weapons that we will document and chronicle in detail via video diaries. We’ll be abusing AR15’s, Glocks, 1911’s, and shotguns to name a few of our coming victims. While this series will be interesting and a blast to produce, it’ll also be heart-breaking as we’ll be doing things to guns that we preach against and warn people about. We’re excited to announce that Gator Guns in Sulphur, Louisiana will be assisting Legally Armed America in providing firearms and expertise regarding those firearms.

But we’re also looking for a little input from you – our friends out there. We want to know stories and even pictures of abuse and/or odd things that you have experienced or witnessed in your lifetime regarding gun abuse. We’d also like any suggestions on how to further abuse the weapons we’ll be highlighting on the show. Some examples of what types of abuse you’ll see are: shooting “dirty” ammo, not cleaning a dirty gun, using the wrong substances to clean a firearm, submerging a gun in water, dropping a gun into sand and dirt, and running over a gun with a vehicle.

We look forward to your input and will include all of our friends who contribute on our show when those episodes air. Any suggestions, stories, or pictures from friends and viewers can be sent to info@legallyarmedamerica.com.