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If you like your gun, you can keep your gun. (Just not in New York City!)


LAA here to help copy2While no gun owner with any sense or desire to practice the REAL law of the land – the Constitution – would ever elect to live in the dump that is New York City, there are some who are stuck there and they’re either going to have to get out or get their guns out! That’s right, confiscation has begun!

New York City has begun sending out confiscation notices that support their local laws demanding that gun owners “immediately surrender” rifles and/or shotguns that hold five rounds or more of ammunition. (See the notice we’ve posted below.) In New York City it is illegal to possess a rifle or shotgun with the capacity to hold more than five rounds according to NYC Administrative Code 10-306 (b).

So, how do they know who to send the notices out to? Innocent and completely harmless – wait for it – GUN REGISTRATION! Of course. What other reason would anyone have – local or federal government – to register who has what gun and where it’s located?

Why should we care what happens in the cesspool that is New York City? For starters, residents in the rest of the state of New York should be concerned. The recent passage in New York state of the SAFE Act mandates that in addition to outlawing many semi-automatic rifles it also restricts magazines to hold a maximum of seven rounds of ammo, down from 10. After realizing how stupid this law was and impossible to enforce, the law was changed to allow 10-round magazines, but only 7 rounds of ammo can be put in it.

Screen-Shot-2013-11-27-at-9.31.12-AMThe gun-grabbers have always been a patient bunch. Baby steps are fine with them as long as they get what they want in the long run. We proud and determined gun owners have got to send our message to them at the ballot box. No matter what the politicians running for office in your area say about how much they support your right to possess guns, do a little digging to see what their past record says as well as things they’ve said pertaining to firearms and ammo in the past. If they were ever on stage with Obama after a gun tragedy, vote them out. If they ever pumped their fist to talk about what they call “responsible” gun registration, vote them out. Just like we shouldn’t handle guns when emotions are running wild, they shouldn’t be trusted when they say stupid things when emotions are running wild.

And remember what our dear President Obama said about healthcare? “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan?” Well, if he’s so bold as to lie to the millions of Americans who have healthcare, don’t think he wouldn’t lie twice as bad to America’s gun owners whom he despises.