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“Knockout Game”…if it’s your move, be right!


knockout gameWe’ve all heard of the barbaric, cowardly “game” the youngsters seem to think is cool these days called the “Knockout Game”. We’ve seen the cowards slam women and unsuspecting men to the ground by sucker punching them. (Remember when “sucker punching” used to be a bad thing?) No one in the mainstream media seems to want to talk about this because it sheds light on – shhhh, “race”.

The odd thing is, the race hustlers, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, apparently really don’t care about their black youths acting properly in this country, just so long as their moms and dads still get all their free stuff. Have we heard one thing about this from them? No. Have any black “leaders” spoken out about this? No. Why? Because there’s no money in it.

It’s hard for Jesse and Al to get people fired up and excited about disciplining their children and bringing the pain to their punk kids’ backsides who are partaking in this caveman-ish game. There’s no signs to print; no speeches to get all “preachy” about. But don’t think they’re not going to make a little money off of it at some point. How’s that going to happen? It’s going to happen when someone who they hope is white as Casper the Ghost and possesses a legal handgun buries a bullet right between a punk’s eyes midway through the sucker punch he’s trying to throw. NOW it’s a hate crime! Now we can print signs and get all preachy! Now we can march to…somewhere.

What’s my point? Be careful. Many of our good friends across this great nation have concealed carry permits and others open carry. Naturally the ones who open carry will NEVER be attacked because one of the main characteristics of the “Knockout Game” is that it’s based on being a coward. But our concealed carry friends need to use critical and good judgment when playing along with this barbaric game because of the very fact that the race pimps will come at them with full force no matter what facts are presented in a case where they’re defending themselves. While these punks deserve a bullet to the brain, YOU have to live with it if the time comes when you have to pull that trigger. Please be aware of your surroundings, but also prepare yourself for whatever will happen AFTER you have to put an attacker down for attacking you. You will have to live with the fact that you shot – and maybe killed – another human being. Don’t dehumanize these attacking humans even though they do and are acting like animals. You will immediately go on the defensive even though you were defending yourself, so make darn sure you’re RIGHT!

Sadly, the race pimps of Jackson and Sharpton and even our ol’ gun-grabbing buddy Barack Obama are nowhere to be found. I consider that a hate crime in and of itself.