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Please participate in “Take The Elderly To The Range Day” on Nov. 2


87 yr old killedLast week four human waste Mississippi teens killed an 87-year-old World War II veteran during an Oct. 18 mugging in his own driveway where the loser teens made off with – wait, here it comes – the man’s wallet!

Terrance Morgan, 19, Edward Johnson, 19, Leslie Litt, 18 and Geblonski Murray, 18, were arrested Monday and charged with capital murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery, against Lawrence E. ‘Shine’ Thornton of Greenville, Police Chief Andrew Kaho said, according to the Delta Democrat Times.

This beating, mugging, and murder come only weeks after another World War II veteran was mugged and killed by worthless, cowardly thugs outside a bowling ally in Washington state. This along with the weekly, sometimes daily report of elderly people being beaten, raped, mugged, and killed by the pathetic, vile cowards of today for mere pocket change and sick laughs disgusts me each time I read about it. So what can we do to help these poor elderly Americans? Well, what do you do to protect yourself and your family? You got a gun and learned how to use it, right? So help them do the same!

That’s right, we at Legally Armed America have designated this Saturday, November 2, 2013 as “Take The Elderly To The Range Day”. Call an elderly family member or friend and ask them to tag along to your local range with you. Remember to bring a caliber of firearm that they can handle if they don’t have their own. Muscle memory knows no age, so keeping the elderly familiar with their firearm and how to operate it will make them much more efficient when they need to drop those iron sites on a condemned piece of trash looking to do them harm and send them to the most appropriate place for them – a coffin.

Here are some 10 tips for this weekend’s celebration of “Take The Elderly To The Range Day”:
1. Remember to bring eye and ear protection for everyone.
2. Bring plenty of ammunition. Remember, some elderly folks may not get invited to the range much and they may want to take full advantage of the time.
3. Make sure you go over basic safety before loading up. Stress to them that they don’t have to shoot if they don’t feel comfortable.
4. Once they understand they weapon and loading technique, let them load the gun and arm it. These are things they’ll need to learn to use a gun on their own.
5. Make sure guns are transported unloaded. Keep in mind that some of these guns may have been stored loaded for some time and you’ll want to make sure you unload them prior to making the trip.
6. Make sure the guns are cleaned and in good operating condition. Like #5, these guns may have been put up without being used for some time.
7. Make sure you bring a caliber of firearm that an elderly person can effortlessly control. While you may be able to rip off an 8 round magazine of .45s without flinching, a .380 may well be more their speed. Don’t think of it in terms of “stopping power”. I’d rather read about an elderly person having to shoot a thug 10 times with a .380 in order to end him than to read about one getting his .45 taken from him and used against him.
8. Be realistic about shooting distances. Keep targets within 5 to 10 feet away. Not only is this a more realistic distance to shoot a scumbag attacker, but it will add to the confidence of your older friend when he can rack up some nice scores.
9. Bring the kids. Elderly people have a special love for youngsters and they’ll get a kick out of being part of a child’s education of firearm safety and use and may be more apt to take part.
10. Make it fun! No matter what this is a day at the range. How bad can it be. Take your time and let your older friends savor the sound of well-aimed firearms going “bang” and the sweet smell of spent gunpowder in the air.

We make no bones about people who wish to do gentle, innocent older Americans harm getting dropped by as many rounds as it takes to stop their misguided felonies and get them started drawing flies. Most older people are someone’s parent or grandparent. Most of all, they’re no threat which is usually why these cowards target them. Let’s do them and even ourselves a favor by taking part in “Take The Elderly To The Range Day” this Saturday, November 2, 2013. With a little luck they may take out a few of these cowardly thugs who keep terrorizing them.

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