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Zimmerman verdict a massive blow to gun grabbers


TRAY JUSTThe trial of George Zimmerman was one of great divide that further contributes to the racial divide that the last 5 years of politics in America helped to blossom in a disgusting way. People who aren’t qualified to tie their own shoes are getting television time across the globe because their job is to sit in the shadows and wait until a racial opportunity arises that will get them a free sandwich until the next racial incident arises. But more was at stake here than a couple of fat racists chasing a meal.

The most important thing at stake in the George Zimmerman trial was the freedom to carry a concealed handgun in America. I know, with an amendment to protect us all – the 2nd – to carry a weapon under any condition so long as we aren’t felons, that right should never be under attack. But it is daily. And the federal government, most notably the Obama administration and the gun grabbers everywhere, were pulling for the prosecution to pull off a miracle in this trial similar to the one Notre Dame fans were hoping for when Alabama crushed them in the “no contest” NCAA Football Championship game this past year.

shutterstock_24882205Barack Obama had already stupidly weighed in on this trial when he said “if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon”. Well, your son would be dead, sir, if he’d have attacked an innocent man with a legally-carried firearm. And don’t think that Obama and his peeps weren’t sitting on the edge of their seats fist-pumping in hopes that the prosecution could fool jurors into somehow finding Zimmerman guilty. They needed a guilty verdict.

They needed a guilty verdict in order to climb back onto the gun control horse they’d fallen off of countless time since they began exploiting dead children who’d been shot in Newtown, Connecticut last December. Their ultimate goal is not just to limit magazine capacity, stop the less than 10% sale of guns without background checks, or keep people from owning basic rifles (what they call “assault” rifles). No, their goal is simply to control who buys guns, who buys ammo, and how much of each we can purchase. And legally carrying a firearm into WalMart and any other public place is a huge part of that argument. (Funny how nothing has been uttered about the 72 people killed in Chicago last weekend!)

But a jury of 6 women in Sanford, FL has dealt a massive blow to the ridiculous gun-grabbing agenda of the gun grabbers who seek to control guns and ammo across this amazing country where our justice system gets is right from time to time. (Sorry OJ.)

Shoot on!