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Legally Armed America donates rifle to Autism auction


henry 22Twenty years ago, one in 100,000 children in America were diagnosed with autism. As of last year, 1 in 88 children – 1 in 54 boys – were diagnosed with the condition. While not nearly enough is being done to explore effective ways to treat it, it’s good to know that there are some organizations out there working tirelessly to do just that. One of those organizations is the St. Nicholas Center for Children in Lake Charles, LA. This past Saturday night they held their annual “Brewers Plate” live and silent auction which is their primary fundraiser for the year and brings in all the heavy hitters and deep pockets of the area in hopes of encouraging their generosity.

With close connections to the St. Nicholas Center and autism itself, Legally Armed America once again reached out to help the cause by donating a beautiful Henry .22 lever action repeating rifle. Henry – the leader in American-made lever action rifles – makes a wide variety of rifles ranging from youth models to extremely high end collectors models. The smoothness of a Henry rifle’s lever action is unmistakable when you operate it. You immediately know what all the fuss is about when one is used.

We encourage all our friends to get involved in helping find treatment for autism as it is statistically destined to affect you or your family some day. While last year’s rate was 1 in 88 children, it’s projected to be in the neighborhood of 1 in 58 this year. Autism can be treated and these children can go on to lead seemingly normal lives and contribute to society. Please help us at Legally Armed America as we refuse to ignore these children as we pass them in parks and malls across America.