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NEWSFLASH: Biden makes another stupid statement about guns


photo-3[LEGALLLY ARMED AMERICA] When Ol’ Crazy Joe (Biden) makes his regular, random stupid comments we all nudge each other and say “that ol’ crazy whack job is at it again” and laugh it off as we do in the case of some old cuckoo great grandpa who sticks his hand in his dirty diaper when he fills it. And I must admit, some of the stupid things our Vice President says would be downright hilarious – if he wasn’t our VICE PRESIDENT!

While no one who I can think of takes Joe Biden seriously, he is still the Vice President. If Barack Obama were to catch a bullet (this is not a threat, just a hypothetical like when Reagan was shot) then Mr. Biden would be our President. Yikes! Got your attention now?

When Biden told women to walk out onto their balconies and blast a shotgun twice into the air, he instructed women to break laws in every state and in most countries. But that’s just ol’ Crazy Joe, right?

Recently a little boy sent Biden a letter saying that we should make guns that shot chocolate bullets so no one would get hurt. The boy was seven. Joe Biden responded that if guns shot chocolate that “not only would our country be safer, it would be happier”. He said “people love chocolate”. Well, I love puppies, but I don’t want to be shot by one!

If a bullet is made out of chocolate and a child is shot in the head with the chocolate bullet, do you think that the country is safer? Isn’t the fact that someone wanted to shoot the child the real problem? Not the “safer” chocolate bullet? So here we are again: the gun-grabbers cannot get the idea out of their heads that the gun (and here the bullet) is the problem and not the person pulling the trigger.

And why am I making a big deal out of this? It’s just a little note about bullets being made out of chocolate, right? This is why: because even though myself and everyone I know thinks of Joe Biden as a complete and total screwup, a seven-year-old sees him as what he is supposed be portraying: the Vice President of the greatest country in the world. That seven-year-old takes Ol’ Joe seriously. Bullets are dangerous no matter what they’re made of.

Here’s the email Obama’s re-election campaign emailed out bragging about Crazy Joe’s letter. Yes, we’re not sure why his re-election campaign is still up and running and fundraising either.