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Stiffer laws for criminals using guns has worked – here’s the proof


shutterstock_113775568Gun control advocates have never been accused of being a very rational-thinking bunch of folks. But it is terribly puzzling and troubling to see them cry for new laws restricting gun ownership and possession by legal, law-abiding citizens when they completely ignore the laws we have on the books pertaining to firearms. For example, I am blown away (no pun) by the daily ignorance from the left and its supporters who do not realize there are already background checks – literally hundreds of thousands of them – performed daily every time a firearm is purchased from a Federal Firearms Licensed gun dealer. Do they just not know or are they pretending to no know in order to support the marching papers they’ve been given?

And I’ve never understood why we don’t focus on further strengthening gun-related laws on the books in all areas that have proven to work throughout the country. I’m talking about laws aimed at criminal misuse of firearms which have been overwhelmingly proven to be crime deterrents.

In 1975, Virginia adopted a stiff, mandatory penalty for using a firearm while committing a violent crime. Their murder rate dropped 23% and their robbery rate 11% in 15 years. South Carolina implemented a similar law and saw a 24% murder rate decline between 1975 and 1990. Other states with similar laws saw the same results. Florida (homicide rate down 33% in 17 years), Delaware (homicide rate down 33% in 19 years), Montana (down 42% 1976-1992) and New Hampshire (homicide rate down 50% 1977-1992) all saw drastic declines as a result of harsh penalties being placed on criminals using a firearm to commit a violent crime.

If a criminal knows that by carrying and/or using a gun during a drug deal, a mugging, a home invasion, etc. that he’d get thrown into prison for life, he will think twice about doing so. It’s a proven fact. I realize spending a little time in jail for being part of a drive-by shooting may give an aspiring thug a little “street cred”, what good is “street cred” if you never see the street again?

Gun control advocates always show their hand in that it’s never really been about protecting children. It’s never been about combating crime on the streets. It’s always been about taking the guns away. When have you ever heard anyone on the left stomp their foot and demand “crime control”? Demand stiffer penalties for criminals who use guns and tell your Senators and Representatives that until they can control crime, we’ll need to control our own safety.

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