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Happy Mothers Day! Take those wonderful moms to the gun range today


photo-2If we’re to believe the mainstream media we’d think that the current gun craze is overflowing with older white, redneck men with beer-bellies and “wife-beater” t-shirts on yelling racial obscenities out the windows of their speeding beat up pickup trucks as they rush towards their weekly Tea Party anarchy rally where they discuss plans to overthrow the government. And the women? Well, they tell us that they’re anti-gun and fully support gun control, right? Wrong!

A study in 2005 showed that women who owned guns rose by 13%. So then women then turned against guns, right? Wrong again. In 2011 women’s gun ownership rose by a whopping 23%! While we don’t have numbers for 2012-2013 yet, it’s a good bet that that number is WAY higher.

Women – moms in particular – don’t sit at their desks or on their jobs dreaming about tossing a few hundred .223 rounds down range while testing out their new EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights or blasting a box of .45 caliber FMJ ammo at a burglar silhouette at your local pistol range like men do, but they still enjoy and appreciate guns and the safety they provide. Moms tend to prioritize family matters so high on their list of priorities that it may seem like they’re not interested in guns, but clearly that is not the case. They just need to have their first priorities satisfied first before moving on to other things they enjoy, like guns.

Here are some interesting reasons why moms continue to support guns and gun ownership:
– Women are targeted in violent crimes more than men in most cases due to the attacker’s assumption that he can overpower a female more easily than a man.
– A 2009 report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics showed that of 652,660 violent crimes analyzed, more than 551,500 had been committed against women.
– Crime-statistics indicate that in the next hour, somewhere in the United States, the following will happen against women: 900 Thefts, 189 Violent Crimes, 124 Assaults, 66 Robberies, 24 Sexual Assaults, 12 Rapes, 2 Murders.

As with most of you, I have seen more and more women showing up at the gun range with their shiny new handguns (most concealable). Today would be a beautiful day to show mom how much you appreciate her helping protect your family while sharpening her home defense skills. Grab a couple hundred rounds of ammo and head out! Later you can bond even more by safely cleaning those same guns at home.