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Gun-grabbers STILL think NRA members want “universal” background checks!


MSNBC-LogoMonday morning an MSNBC show I’ve never heard of (which will remain unnamed) attempted to brand the NRA event in Houston, TX as “inciting a riot” for its simply taking place and promoting all legal gun owners’ staunch position of being “pro gun”. They even claimed that the NRA is misleading its members as if their members carry out marching orders similar to those on the gun-grabbing left from their shot-callers. Then these same bottom-feeders commented that Wayne LaPierre was “scared” and insinuated that we hardcore gun supporters were also scared. So, NRA members are “mislead” and “scared” according to the left.

I made a prediction about six months ago that the left would attack the NRA and its credibility. I stated that that would fail and even backfire on them by making its members unite and come together. That has all happened. My final prediction was that once they realized they couldn’t take down the NRA directly that they’d then focus on its members by making them look stupid, ill-informed, hick-ish, militant, and even easily persuaded. They would try to make some of the less intelligent NRA members almost feel embarrassed to be a member. If they could convince friends and family members that the NRA was bad then maybe they’d bully their friend/family member through peer pressure. Well, it’s happening.

The gun control lobby’s attack on the NRA was about as popular as an STD. Not only did innocent, free-thinking, gun-loving Americans reject the attacks on the NRA, but it actually had the reverse effect. In January 2013 the NRA signed up over 250,000 new members and those numbers have continued to grow. Although it’s taking them a while, it appears “Phase 2″ of their plan has now begun: attack the members.

The progressives at MSNBC made it sound as if they were on NRA members’ side and almost like they felt sorry for them. “The folks who showed up at the NRA convention are probably really good people, family people, people who love this country,” Brzezinski said, adding after a moment, “I think that’s fair to say.” Barnicle then claimed that there is “no crime” in holding the meeting, but stated: “There is a deliberate intent to mislead on the part of the NRA leadership, to mislead and to incite to riot, almost, the members of the NRA.” Another panel member, Willie Geist, stated that they should’t be talking about NRA members as if they were a “strange tribe of people from a foreign country.”

“I don’t think [NRA members] are represented well by Wayne LaPierre,” he stated. “You’ve got that big group of people there who care about their rights, who care about their guns, but he’s not speaking on behalf of them because when you talk about things like universal background checks, most [gun owners] supported that, and he is out saying ‘they are coming for your guns.’”

I think it’s ironic that the same week that these delusional people on the left were actually inciting riots in Seattle for “May Day” that the NRA is accused of inciting a riot in a town where NOTHING happened except a peaceful 3-day pro-gun event.

The gun-grabbers have created false numbers to tell their story and been proven wrong countless times. Yet they continue. Be prepared for the attack on innocent, legal gun owners to intensify. The attack on your intelligence, your ethics, and your moral standing will be grueling. But don’t allow yourself to be “guilted” into turning on the NRA. Don’t be afraid to let them put the black hat on us as we fight for our 2nd Amendment rights. We know who the good guys are.