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Dem Rep. water carrier threatens gun registration at NRA event in Houston


Sheila-Jackson-Lee-e1323444411871[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] If you look up the word “ogre” in the dictionary, it says “a monstrously ugly, cruel, or barbarous person”. If you look up “Sheila Jackson Lee”, it says “see ‘ogre'”.

Because there’s nothing more stupid that she could be doing at this time and because her “shot-caller”, Barack Obama, has a personal ax to grind with legal, innocent gun-owners, Sheila Jackson Lee grabbed her progressive talking points and headed to Houston, TX where she knew there’d be plenty of cameras surrounding the NRA’s Annual Meeting. The awesome thing about Madam Lee is that she’s too stupid to realize just how stupid she really is, so she deviates from her party’s talking points and it’s usually some pretty killer ad-libbing! This was no exception.

During an interview with “The Blaze”, Lee stated “Registering your guns, people think that’s something sinister. But it helps you [to protect] your guns when they’re stolen. It helps us find them for you, like registering your car.” While the rest of the left held its breath as Lee let the cat out of the bag on the Democrats’ actual goal – gun registration – it was no secret to those of us who are free-thinkers.

What I found disturbing was that Lee somehow considers herself one of the “us” who would “help us find” our guns if they were stolen. Lee isn’t law enforcement, so why would she be involved at any point if a gun is stolen? She isn’t involved when cars are stolen, is she? And cars aren’t registered to help track them if they’re stolen. They’re registered to show proper ownership as well as to document when they change hands and to whose hands they change to. And how many stolen cars were recovered due to crack investigative work that included using the car’s registration? All that would tell you is who the victim is, which you’d already know because that’s who reported it stolen. As if without registration a stolen car cannot be recovered. And just like a stolen gun’s registration would be useless in tracking a criminal, a stolen car’s registration is also useless since car thieves don’t RE-register the stolen cars in their names! So, yes, it appears they do in fact want to treat gun registration like car registration – to track ownership and to document LEGALLY purchased and possessed guns.

But the esteemed Jackson Lee didn’t stop there. She went on to mention gun-trafficking (but failed to mention “Fast & Furious”) as well as banning “assault weapons” for the safety of children. (Here they go again pimping dead kids in an attempt to guilt people into emotionally following their lead.) According to The Blaze, she even went on to rattle off her progressive talking points noting that gun “homicide is the leading cause of death” and the second leading cause of death among young people aged 16-24 among blacks.

One has to wonder where the ogre from Texas has been hiding leading up to the NRA’s Annual Meeting. If this topic is so near and dear to her, why is she just now speaking out on it? And why isn’t she in her district having town hall meetings trying to rally her community leaders to address the people – the real KILLERS – who are using these guns to kill people at these high rates. I’ll tell you why – she doesn’t care about the deaths, only eliminating guns because that’s what she’s been told to do.

Amazingly (and I know I sound like a broken record) none of the laws these people are proposing would have eliminated any of the killings they’re all using as their reason for taking this stand. None. No lives would have been spared. People make decisions to pull triggers on guns. The guns are actually the victims here.

We are sending a copy to this link to Sheila Jackson Lee’s office with an invitation to debate her anywhere she chooses. We won’t hear from her. Unless of course the ogre is really too stupid to know how stupid she really is.

Fight on, NRA.