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BREAKING: Colt to make a POLYMER version of the legendary “Mustang” .380!


photo-1[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] Colt has long since been the standard in traditional firearms – most notably the 1911. One of the traditions that Colt brought back a couple of years ago after a brief hiatus was the reintroduction of the Colt Mustang chambered in .380. The new Mustang was welcomed by a rabid gun community fighting over itself for anything “concealable”.

But now comes the introduction of a new firearm by Colt that none of us could have ever predicted – the Colt “Mustang XSP”. What’s different about this Mustang? Well, for starters it’s got a polymer frame! You heard right; Colt’s new version of an old classic is made of plastic.

At this weekend’s NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, TX, we at Legally Armed America were hanging out with many of our good friends just soaking up all the goodness that is guns, when we caught the new Mustang XSP out of the corner of our eye as we were strolling past the Colt booth. After recovering from disbelief, we were actually able to actually handle the new Colt and found it to have the modern feel of being light and slick while still maintaining the good old Colt Mustang feel of fitting nicely in your hand and being in the forward aiming position when you extend your arm outward.

One of the Colt reps we visited with told us that the new Mustang XSP wouldn’t be available to the public for several months. (They had six there, so we don’t see what the problem is!) I can make one very simple prediction: this new Colt will be impossible to find, period. If you’re lucky enough to see one at a gun show, take a picture. Because when this gun hits the stores, its marriage of “something old and something new” will make it about as accessible and available as common sense at a gun control rally.

(Suggested MSRP on the Colt Mustang XSP is $649.)