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Legal California gun purchasers to pay $24M for gun confiscations


shutterstock_78641710[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] California Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday gave legal gun owners one more reason to stay out of his state when he signed legislation aimed at taking handguns and “assault” rifles from an estimated 20,000 Californians who purchased the guns legally, but have since been deemed unfit to own them because of a criminal conviction or serious mental illness. The bill will take $24 million in fees taken from legal gun purchases to hire dozens of additional special agents to roundup 40,000 weapons in the hands of people allegedly not allowed to possess them.

That last part seems to get glossed over often, so we’ll rephrase it: The $24 million to fund the program is a NEW TAX that only legal gun owners making legal gun purchases will pay. Call it a fee, a tax, a penalty, a fine, whatever.

To supposedly correct one problem (the removal of allegedly illegal guns) by penalizing a select group of citizens doing nothing wrong or illegal simply because you don’t like what they’re legally purchasing is immoral and unethical. What if a state decided to add a hefty fine to pornography so that any time a person purchased a porn DVD that additional money went to fund a group of new special agents who would go to known rapists homes in order to confiscate all porn DVDs they might have? Why tax just pornography that legal citizens bought legally who have done nothing wrong? Good question.

California already has a general database that cross-references gun owners with those deemed unfit to own guns at a later point and has proven that it doesn’t work, make communities safer, or prevent shootings. Oddly, the criminals don’t cooperate.

A spokesman for the California governor, Evan Westrup, said, “This bipartisan bill makes our communities safer by giving law enforcement the resources they need to get guns out of the hands of potentially dangerous individuals.” Here the left goes again using the word “safe” to make the bill appear it’s a “no-brainer”. The bill does nothing more than tax legal gun buyers in hopes that they’ll stop buying the more expensive weapons and takes the money and distributes it amongst its many already-broke departments so they can print a few colorful posters and run some TV ads to make people feel like the campaign is doing good. They’re goal of taking guns out of the hands of illegal owners will never be achieved, although that was never the goal. Taxing legal gun sales was the goal.

This is one of a dozen proposals in California aimed at hitting legal gun owners as they seek to drive anti-gun legislation on the backs of the Sandy Hook mass shooting. Oddly enough, none of their proposals outside of confiscating and destroying every gun on the planet would have prevented Sandy Hook. The guns were stolen from a person who purchased them legally.

The statement by California state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris tells the whole story. “California is leading the nation in a common-sense effort to protect public safety by taking guns away from dangerous, violent individuals who are prohibited by law from owning them.” There you have it. California doesn’t care about who gets killed and in what way just so long as legal gun sales are taxed and they’re viewed by the nation as leading the way in passing anti-gun legislation. They race is on for bragging rights!