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Sandy Hook “survivor” prostituting her mother’s death for attention


Kelly Ayotte[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] At a town hall event in Warren, N.H., the daughter of murdered Sandy Hook Elementary School principal, Dawn Hochsprung, attempted to grab a little Mark Kelly-Giffords-like fame when she tried to bow up to Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) concerning gun control and background checks. After Ms. Hochsprung had her say, Ayotte explained that the Sandy Hook tragedy didn’t happen because of a flawed “background check system.” She was also very respectful in her response as evidenced in the video below.

As with most gun-grabbers who support gun control because it’s the cool thing of the week to follow blindly, Hochsprung apparently didn’t appreciate the logic, reason, or politeness she was served because she abruptly marched out of the room after the Senator’s response.

I am starting to notice a remarkable yet troubling trend in America where “survivors” or loved ones who lose someone in a tragedy suddenly discover their newfound desire to support a particular cause and shamefully exploit their loved ones all for a shot at their 15 minutes of fame and a chance to be the next idiot on a poster who screams “you don’t know what it’s like to be in my shoes” because…well, we don’t. These are people who had no vested interest in a particular subject, but pounce on an opportunity to make a dollar or two on the “cause of the week” being dished up by the left. This week’s “cause” is clearly gun control. Just ask Mark Kelly Giffords.

And to be truthful, Americans aren’t falling for all of this showboating by the gun grabbers. A recent USA Today poll found that only 4% of Americans thought gun control was important. Compare that to the 90% that the bed-wetting gun-grabbers keep tossing around like a bunch of drunken parrots. The American people DON’T want “universal” background checks nor any type of gun control. And since when did the DC politicians listen to the American people anyway? (Obamacare…57% didn’t want it!)

I feel for the families who have lost loved ones to any tragedy, regardless of what device was used to end their lives. I feel for Gabby Giffords and feel sorry for her as she’s forced to babble words and pretend to know what she’s talking about when shoved in front of a camera by her husband, Mark Kelly-Giffords. But I possess ZERO political correctness tendencies when I call out the low-life scumbags who are exploiting these folks for political – and financial – gain. Shame on them. They’re cheapening their loved ones’ legacies.