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We called it: Gunpowder in the gun-grabbers’ crosshairs w/ new bill!


shutterstock_107838464[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] On April 16, 2013, one day after the two cowardly Muslim extremists used a pressure cooker filled with gunpowder and shrapnel to bomb the Boston Marathon, we here at Legally Armed America made the prediction that the gun-grabbers would seize the opportunity (as they always do) to target gunpowder to be regulated and controlled.

Well, here you go: Just hours ago Senator Harry Reid introduced Frank Lautenberg’s sneaky, opportunistic bill that would place restrictions on and require background checks for anyone buying “explosive powder” – gunpowder. It will include not only loose gunpowder (such as that used to reload) but may also cover standard ammunition cartridges. Lautenberg and Reid are trying to label these propellants as “explosives” in the wake of the Boston bombings and use that tragedy to limit general access to ammunition and reloading components. (Details courtesy of The Truth About Guns.)

With the failure of the left’s recent outright gun control bills, this bill looks to shamefully take advantage of the Boston bombings since gunpowder was in fact a part of the pressure cooker bombs. What good is ammo with no gunpowder? What good is a gun with no ammo? While people are still chanting “Boston Strong”, look for the gun-grabbers to push this one hard.