Home Gun News After Boston bombing, look for gunpowder to be targeted by gun grabbers

After Boston bombing, look for gunpowder to be targeted by gun grabbers


shutterstock_125788700[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] The Boston bombing is an eery reminder of just how safe we actually AREN’T despite all the layers of security our tax dollars pay for. With billions of dollars going towards security cameras, new security personal, drones cluttering up airspace, and the government checking in on innocent Americans’ emails and Facebook pages, we should be or at least FEEL safer, right?

While the United States boasts the baddest and most capable military on the planet along with some of the hardest working law enforcement officers around, our government is incapable of providing 24-7 security for all Americans within its borders. The incredible increase in concealed carry permits being administered throughout the country is proof that many Americans have come to that very realization. But as private Americans “gunned up” over the past few years coupled with the terror of a few mass shootings, ammo for Americans defending their families has become scarce for one reason or another. In fact, many Americans have begun to reload their own ammo in record numbers.

Now word comes out that the Boston bombs were made of “gunpowder” and “ball bearings similar to buckshot”. Ask any reloader and he’ll tell you how hard it is to acquire gunpowder and bullets right now. With the current administration’s and the Democrats’ (and some Republicans’) onslaught on our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, you can bet that that very same gunpowder will soon become near impossible to gain access to. Expect regulations to become strict and unforgiving regarding it. Also expect prices to skyrocket.

The bed-wetting gun grabbers have never been shy about exploiting tragedies to meet their own needs, hence the constant parading around of children and Newton parents to support a desperate gun control cause. So they are no doubt seeing this Boston tragedy as an opportunity to attack legal gun owners by making gunpowder a more controlled, regulated, and taxed item. The only thing that could have made it better for them is if there would have been a concealed carry permit left with one of the bombs along with a semiautomatic handgun containing a high capacity magazine in it.

I hope I’m wrong. I think I’m not.