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Media suddenly remembers name of NRA 500 after suicide at NASCAR race


nra500[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] Leading up to Saturday night’s NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway you’d think the race had lost it’s title sponsor, the NRA. No one – including the supposedly “fair and balanced” FOX News – seemed to remember that the NRA had put up big bucks to be involved in this race.

But all that’s about to change. At about 10:35 PM Saturday night following an altercation in the infield of the racetrack, a man took his own life with a firearm. While clearly there is and could never be any connection between the NRA sponsoring a race and a person shooting themselves with a gun, the media is going to somehow make that stretch and connect the two. They’ll miraculously remember to mention that it was, in fact, the NRA who sponsored the race after all.

The hypocrisy and contradictory nature the media displays is downright despicable. There were two things the media refused to talk about this week: a doctor who was cutting throats of babies delivered in failed abortions and the NRA’s sponsorship of a major NASCAR race. One story is a horror story of a man murdering defenseless newborns simply because they were still alive when they came into this world and the other is about an organization standing up for innocent, legal Americans’ Constitutional right to own firearms. Yet they both fall into the same category per the media: not worthy of reporting on. Yet we still buy their papers and watch their programs on TV.

It’s time Americans begin to vote with their wallets. I have never been about boycotting businesses based on who they align themselves with. I’m considering a change to that approach.

  • aceman

    I am all for boycotting people and businesses because of their beliefs. I don’t know if you remember the Home Depot fiasco that I created a couple of years ago, but long story short, because of their alignment with the LGBT community, I have spread the word enough to just about put them out of business in Columbus, GA!

  • Poppop47

    These liberal thinking and acting media drones will never report the truth about any incident involving a gun!! If the media talking heads were around back in colonial days they would try to blame the Minute Men for a tragedy if it happened during the Shot Heard Round the World !!! Battle for Independence at Concord New Hampshire between red coats and colonists, check your history on the internet, just might learn something??? Anyway, NO TRUTH pertaining to guns and users either mentally ill, out and out criminals along with knee jerk liberals who can think of nothing but make another law, confiscate another gun or take away another of our liberties, but the TRUTH, Never heard of it !!!