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USPSA is a blast, but you better practice!


USPSA-WWW_TopNav_15[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] My friend Richard over at Gator Guns in Sulphur, LA recently succeeded in talking me in to shooting USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association). I packed up my stock Springfield Armory “Range Officer” 1911 with a slight trigger job, 100 rounds of factory .45 caliber ammo, 5 magazines, and of course my eye and ear protection and headed out to the Golden Triangle Gun Club in Beaumont, TX to crank out a few rounds.

Knowing I’d be humbled horribly, my expectations were purposely low and of course I was nervous. But the likes of Richard Presutti, Jason Robbins, and Rey Panelo along with all the other competitors made it a true learning experience and a great time. Everyone was very helpful and offered advice and tips in a polite way that was clearly intended to help me improve my experience and my scores.

Anyone who’s never shot USPSA should do it at least once. Depending on the type of stage, one must be quick, agile, accurate, creative, and patient in order to record acceptable scores (not that I did!). People of all ages and genders can be competitive in a variety of various classes based on the type of handgun you’re competing with. There were men and woman ranging from age fourteen to (I’m guessing here) the 60’s.

I encourage all my gun friends to consider some form of competitive shooting similar to USPSA as it exposes you to more “practical” shooting scenarios, enhances your ability to handle and operate a handgun, and stresses proper gun safety and safe handling operation.

Check this video out of Jason Robbins running through Stage 4.