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True 2nd Amendment defenders do NOT compromise on gun control!


shutterstock_8915674[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] I have sat back for many weeks now biting a hole through my tongue as I have listened as progressives and liberals spew their rhetoric and propaganda while winding up the monkey that is pictures and props of murdered children to make their cause more personal (and disgusting). The president even took Sandy Hook parents who lost children in that tragedy on an Air Force 1 airplane ride to really tilt the scales in his favor. But I expect that from the left. They have a long history of taking advantage of tragedies and emotions in an attempt to swipe our LEGAL guns from LEGAL gun owners. But when my “side” becomes part of the problem, I have to draw the line.

The Republicans are tip-towing their way onto the gun control bandwagon at a rather unusual time. Unusual because most of them stood rather firm when emotions were running high and President Obama was parading kids on stage in Hitler-esque fashion a few months ago. Now that support nationwide has wained and the majority of the country is back to NOT supporting gun control (see CNN poll), it appears the Republicans are now prepared to “compromise” and go along with expanding background checks to private sales at gun shows and online. So why are the Republicans flip-flopping when the pressure to do so is at its lowest in months? Am I the only one who finds this odd?

The left says that by closing the “gun show loophole”, thus, mandating NICS background checks at gun shows, that they’re staying away from “private” gun sales. What? Um, gun sales at gun shows that don’t currently require NICS background checks ARE private sales! Licensed dealers are mandated by law to perform NICS background checks whether they’re selling guns at their own stores, at a gun show, or on the moon! It’s the private buyers and sellers who are being hit by this.

Now you’re probably saying, “why not just go out into the parking lot of the gun show and make that transaction?” and you’re very much correct in that it should be that simple. But you don’t think the politicians haven’t already thought of that, do you? Remember Obamacare where no one read the bill until it was passed and now we find all these little nuggets that are adding trillions to our deficit and destroying healthcare as we know it? Same here. They’ll pass something that has very fine print that will regulate all the way out into the parking lots at gun shows. You watch! They do stupid things, but they’re not stupid!

And how about another level of government? Now a whole new department will have to be set up to manage gun shows. Most likely “agents” dispatched to gun shows. Why? Well, who’s going to rat out a now “illegal” private gun sale inside a gun show? Any good FFL dealer would just look the other way. Certainly no citizens would rat another gun owner out. You’d have to have one of “them” there to police private gun sales.

And guess who pays for it? You do. Thought you were getting away from paying taxes by taking part in a “private” gun sale? Someone has to pay for that “agent” watching over you at the gun show. And now you’ll have a documented and official sale. You think the government won’t want their cut? Plus, you’ll have to pay for the NICS transaction from the FFL dealer because they can’t be expected to spend 10 minutes on the phone for all these new transactions with zero compensation.

I go back to where I started: True 2nd Amendment defenders and supporters do NOT “compromise” when it comes to our Constitutional rights as it pertains to our right to keep and bear arms. At the time of this being published, we did not have all the names of the Republicans who are giving away your 2nd Amendment rights for some dirty back room pork. We’ll be sure and post them here when we do so you can contact them and let them know to pack their bags because they’re short-timers.