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Letter to anti-gun and unsafe Buffalo Wild Wings


Buffalo-Wild-Wings-Gun-FreeHere’s the letter we wrote to Buffalo Wild Wings regarding their misguided attack on legal gun owners. Don’t eat their crappy food! The only thing that used to be decent there was the atmosphere, but now they’ve ruined that by making the facility so unsafe. But I’ll just go somewhere else that has 30 TVs so I can watch more than one football game! Please write your own letter or resend this one. https://www.buffalowildwings.com/contact-us/

They need to know that the revenue drop they’ll be experiencing is a result of poor decision making by their progressive (and protected) upper management.

The letter:

As a Legally Armed American and legally permitted concealed carry holder, I am appalled at your company’s banning of LEGAL guns on its premises. I understand not wanting thuggish wanna-be gangsters on your property, but they don’t read signs nor follow rules.

Your facility being a gun free zone only exposes it and screams to thugs that your business is the place to go if you intend to kill people or rob a business. You have singled yourself out. You have also given me and millions of Americans a place to NOT visit since we know we are not ultimately safe there.

It is shameful that people within your management system have caved to the unconstitutional gun-grabbers’ demands and do not have a spine of your own. Your claim that this is for comfort of patrons is completely lost on rational people as you have taken comfort and safety AWAY from patrons by making your business a gun free zone to ONLY legal gun owners and permit holders.

I have been to your restaurant on late Sunday or Monday evenings and can tell you that the place is NOT safe and that you have illegal gun carrying thugs in your establishment. By your management ignoring it and looking the other way because you’ve exhausted your politically correct stance knowing full well your business is not only NOT safer, but more dangerous, makes you a part of the problem. This is not about comfort or safety, so please stop your rhetoric. It’s about a political agenda. Watch your revenue drop!

Respectfully (and packing),

Legally Armed America