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NASCAR will lose ‘mainstream’ appeal with NRA sponsoring Texas race?


39 newman nra[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] CNN, home to the resident anti-gun fool Piers Morgan, recently hired Rachel Nichols from ESPN to host the network’s weekend sports show that will hit the air soon. Nichols, without question a pretty good looking broad, apparently wasn’t blessed with quite as much sense as she was looks (of course, that’s not why she was hired).

Nichols was sitting on a panel on the buffoon Morgan’s show “Piers Morgan Tonight” this past Monday and apparently felt the need to be accepted into his silly little anti-gun circle as the panel discussed the announcement that the NRA will sponsor the April NASCAR race in Texas called the “NRA 500”. Nichols stated “NASCAR is trying to get more mainstream fans involved in the sport again. You want to draw in those fans, and then you make the association with the NRA. You have to wonder, are those mainstream fans going to want to sit down on their television sets on a Saturday night and watch this race called the NRA 500?”

Obviously Nichols has never EVER been to a NASCAR race. Like…EVER. To say that the overwhelming majority of NASCAR fans are not already gun and/or NRA fans is like saying most sugar does not taste sweet. This would be like saying the NBA is crazy for playing hip-hop music at its games because it could cause them to lose fans. This was just a stupid, non-researched comment that Nichols most likely regretted the moment it left her lips that will without question do nothing more but to drive even MORE people to join the NRA’s already record numbers.

Just like Barack Obama has done more to help sell record amounts of guns and ammo across America, Nichols has no doubt created a buzz that will have the 190,000 NASCAR fans at the April “NRA 500” race in Dallas spending large amounts of money on NRA-related items at the event and who will feverishly and loudly be supporting the NRA’s involvement in the race. I’m sure the NRA and NASCAR love when hot-looking chicks like Nichols make stupid comments like this.

One final thought: What does ANYONE at CNN know about anything “mainstream”??? Just saying’…