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Gun-ban rally takes Oregon by storm…all 20 participants!


shutterstock_87388964[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] Oh boy, the media’s going to have a tough time twisting this one into a success story to meet their gun-grabbing agenda! You see, an anti-gun rally in Eugene, Ore. recently drew a staggering crowd of – get this – 20 people! This, according to the Washington Times, included the media attendees there to cover the rally supporting a ban on “assault weapons.”

The sad, barely-attended event was hosted by Ceasefire Oregon, an anti-gun lobbying group. Apparently not many got the memo!

Ceasefire Oregon spokesman, Baldr Odinson, attempted to make the case that semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines have “no place in the civilian sector”. Fortunately for us legal gun owners, no one took the advice as no one heard the message!

Ceasefire Oregon also holds periodic gun buyback programs. But it appears they won’t need to bring much cash to their next buyback event as they appear to be about as exciting and well-received as a bucket of vomit on a Colorado college campus.

Let’s hope they didn’t order event t-shirts by the dozen! Idiots…