Home Gun News NOTE: Never bring a (steak) knife to a gun fight!

NOTE: Never bring a (steak) knife to a gun fight!


topeka liquor store rob steak knife[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] How many times have we addressed the fact that criminals are not habitually intelligent people? Well, add one more case to that number.

Joseph Vincent Eldringhoff, 27, of Topeka, KS woke up Saturday morning with a really stupid idea on his mind: to rob a liquor store. But if his run on stupidity had ended there, he would have only been relegated to maybe “Level 2 Stupid”. But his followup display of stupidity pushed him to full-on “Level 3 Stupid”. His weapon of choice: a steak knife.

Now we’re not sure if Mr. Eldringhoff had just finished a steak dinner and in his hast had no time to properly address his tool of choice for the robbery, but few stories remind us of the saying “Never bring a knife to a gun fight” like this one does.

Mr. Eldringhoff chose Charlie’s Liquor Store in Central Topeka to show off his steak knife wielding skills and was abruptly met by the store owner who appeared to have taken a little more time deciding what weapon to use in the event some scumbag decided to rob his place of business. His choice…a legally obtained gun!

After Mr. Eldringhoff was upstaged by the liquor store’s owner – and legally armed American – he was promptly led outside the establishment and patiently waited (at gunpoint!) for the police to arrive and take him to his new home (jail).

This is just another case of legally armed Americans protecting their property and their lives while the mainstream media looks the other way because these types of success stories do not fit in with their careless gun-grabbing agenda. Check back with Legally Armed America (www.LegallyArmedAmerica.com) for more of these types of stories and send us your own or similar ones to info@LegallyArmedAmerica.com.

“An armed society is a polite society.”