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One year anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s attack on George Zimmerman


trayvon finger[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] Today, February 26, is the one year anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin when he was shot attacking CCW permit holder George Zimmerman. While this tragic event lined the pockets of race-baiters and gun-grabbers across the nation, it did little to properly educate all parties and supporters involved as to how to avoid such a tragedy in the future. And somehow, the person committing the physical attack – Trayvon Martin – became the victim simply because he was shot and killed. Had he not been shot, this event most likely would have ended much more tragically for George Zimmerman and the attacker – Trayvon Martin – would most likely still be in jail. (Ok, who are we kidding – he’d be out by now.)

Now I’m not saying Trayvon Martin’s actions were completely wrong and George Zimmerman’s actions were completely right. Here’s my rough and brief assessment of each of their actions that night:

Trayvon Martin’s “Rights”: 1) He was walking through a neighborhood at night doing nothing illegal before he attacked George Zimmerman.

Trayvon Martin’s “Wrongs”: 1) He attacked a man for following him who had made no physical threats to him.

George Zimmerman’s “Rights”: 1) He spotted someone who looked suspicious and called 911. 2) He shot a man who was attacking him with his legally obtained firearm while carrying his legally obtained concealed carry permit.

George Zimmerman’s “Wrongs”: 1) He pursued Trayvon Martin after the 911 operator asked him not to and to wait for police. 2) When Trayvon Martin aggressively approached him he should have drawn his weapon and declared loudly “I have a loaded weapon and legal permit to carry it. I will shoot you if you come any closer”. This should have been yelled multiple times as loud as he could for any witnesses to hear. If Trayvon Martin had stared down the barrel of a loaded firearm he would have no doubt backed off.

Not all cases of “suspicious activity” are crimes. Many – like Trayvon’s – are harmless if the suspicious person doesn’t attack someone following them. But if we stop reporting suspicious activity because we’re afraid we may offend someone, then we’ll miss more chances to stop crimes than we’ll miss chances to not offend someone.

Don’t be the next George Zimmerman. If the authorities ask you to back off – back off! If you are approached by a suspicious person and you fear for your life or your own personal safety, draw your legally obtained and carried firearm and notify your attacker loudly that you are armed and fully intend to use the weapon if he continues his attack on you. As the number of concealed carry permit holders continues to increase in record numbers, the word will get out to people wishing to do others harm that many more innocent, non-felons are carrying concealed firearms and that you are taking a chance when you attack innocent people.

Tell your non-felon friends, family members, and co-workers to go out and get their concealed carry permits if they’re comfortable carrying a legal, loaded firearm!