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Son kills a violent home intruder with an awesome shot!


Houston-family-KHOU[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] A 21-year-old non-felon shot and killed a thug who was attempting to rob and harm a family of three in the Houston area. The father, mother, and son were baking a cake when there was a knock at the door. The father saw a young man outside the door and thought it was a friend of his son. When he opened the door, the man was thrown to the ground as three suspects forced their way into the house.

Once inside, the dirtbags rushed the mom who ran to the bedroom to retrieve her husband’s gun. Here’s the “good news/bad news” part…bad news: the gun was not there; good news: that’s because the son had already gotten to it and was about to bedazzle the would-be thug with a little warmed up lead. With a couple of well-placed lead injections, the son was successful in ending the thug’s short criminal career. The felonious hoodlum – never to break in or terrorize another family – lay dead where he was shot. Nice shooting, young man. Nice shooting, indeed.

And like most cowardly thugs who are met with resistance, the other attackers fled the scene, most likely screaming like pre-schoolers and wetting their sagging pants along the way. Police picked up two losers matching the description of the cowards who fled the scene.

LESSON TO THUGS: Legally armed Americans are no longer asleep at the wheel. They are awake, they are prepared, and they shoot better than you!