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Virginia dad cancels thugs’ Christmas in a firefight!


shutterstock_88641994[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] No one has ever accused criminals of being all that smart, but it seems that more and more we should be labeling them as poor shots to go along with their stupidity.

According to authorities, a Virginia man and his 2-year-old son were abruptly awakened at 4:30 am Monday morning by three bumbling, thuggish idiots who kicked in the man’s front door in an apparent robbery attempt. We stress the word “attempt” because not only did they not leave with anything, but two of the attackers didn’t leave at all!

Once the criminals broke inside, they were surely not expecting what they encountered: a Legally Armed American who was apparently a little more efficient with his own firearm than the three gun-wielding hoodlums were. When the dust settled and the barrels cooled off, two of the thugs were introduced to the Grim Reaper a little sooner than they’d most likely expected and the third goon was running through the woods, most likely sporting a pair of underwear full to capacity. The third loser has not been located as of late according to police.

This is again proof that guns save lives. We see it time and again and the national media never picks up the story because it doesn’t fit their gun-grabbing agenda. The only time these success stories are ever reported are from local media where they can’t ignore the story because the local public is already aware of it. If this man had had no gun, he and his son could very well be dead right now rather than the two idiots lying in the snow outside the home.

Apparently along with a frontal lobe that isn’t fully developed quite yet, the average criminal on the street is a pretty pathetic shot, too. I feel personally that we as legal and well-trained gun owners have more than just an advantage on these clowns if it comes down to our guns against theirs. While the media may not want to report on this, you can bet that these criminals are aware of their dead partners in crime when they think about climbing through the next window or kicking in the next door.

Remember to practice often and be the last man standing.

Here’s the video report from local news media: NBC12.com – Richmond, VA News, Weather, Traffic