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Gun dealers report shortages of ammunition…again. Here’s why…


shutterstock_114373183[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] We keep hearing all the stories about the government buying up all the ammo and the hoarders hoarding it. So what’s the real deal?

An active businessman in the gun community for over 25 years recently told me (after attending a meeting in Dallas, TX with ammunition manufacturers) that ammo manufacturers don’t just leave raw materials lying around to bang out a couple million rounds of ammo every time they get a hunch to do so. In fact, they plan exactly when they’re going to make a certain amount of ammo and then purchase the necessary materials to only make that particular amount.

So when a series of events takes place like a disjointed liberal gun-grabbing president getting reelected coupled with a mass murder shortly thereafter, heading into the Christmas break (when many scale back or even stop production) the ability to ramp right back up and resupply a country is impossible.

Now this is all assuming the ones buying the ammunition are hoarders, new gun owners needing something to shoot in their new guns, and just those resupplying their normal stash. But you throw on top of that the Department of Homeland Security and every other government agency buying up millions of rounds of ammo and you have a clear cut and absolute shortage on your hands. We won’t get in to why the DHS is buying up so much, but I for one have done the math and I don’t see how they could need so many new rounds just for target practice, which is what’s being reported.

If you can find some, buy it. But once you have your comfortable allotment, let’s be courteous to our fellow shooters and not hoard it all before they have a chance to get some of their own. Practice makes perfect (or nearly) and I for one would rather those practicing at the gun range to have enough ammo to remain safe and efficient around the joint rather than always being rusty because they can’t find enough ammo to stay sharp.