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Here’s the map criminals are NOT proud of!


map[ LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA ] We’ve all seen the careless and irresponsible pictures of the map of legal gun owners in New York published in the newspaper, The Journal. Well, here’s a map we’re sure will not wind up within those same pages of a gun control-minded newspaper.

This map is courtesy of the Cato Institute, a leading think tank of conservative thought. It shows a multitude of locations across the country where various crimes have been thwarted thanks to the use of a firearm. As they point out, it should be noted that in many cases the one crime that’s been stopped can in many cases represent other crimes that have been stopped simply because the perpetrator is either lying in jail or a shallow grave!

We encourage everyone to go check the page and the map out. The map is interactive in that it allows you to read the specifics of each incident on the map. You can also suggest new types of incident to put on the map.

As a legal gun owner and a daily concealed carry advocate, I’m excited to see criminals and thugs hitting the ground in obvious regret for choosing the wrong innocent people to illegally attack. It’s about time the American public fights back and stops allowing itself to be bullied.

Here’s the link to the Cato Institute and the interactive map: http://www.cato.org/guns-and-self-defense