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PRE-REVIEW: “Build Your Own AR-15 Rifle”


ar15 bld bkWhat’s a “Pre-review”? Well, we saw this book, “Build Your Own AR-15 Rifle”, on how to build your own AR-15 by buying all parts separately and the book is only $10, so we ordered one!

With the crazy run on AR’s since Barack Obama was re-elected and again when the Newtown, CT shooting was incorrectly described as being carried out with an AR-15, AR-15’s are either difficult to find, or overpriced when you find one.

The claim in the ad for this book is that a quality AR-15 can be built for $825. We all know you couldn’t find an AR-15 made out of candy for $825, so we decided to order a copy of the book to see. Of course the parts are all available online, so this book must mostly be about assembly. With YouTube providing so much in the way of tutorial videos, I can’t imagine this book is that much more informative, but sometimes a book is easier to pace yourself when learning and building at the same time.

On a related note, we visited a gun show this past weekend and saw AR-15 “lowers” for prices ranging from $125 to $250.

To visit the site for the book, “Build Your Own AR-15 Rifle”, go to http://buildyourownar15.com/special1.htm . This is not a recommendation by us for the book as we have not received ours yet. We will report when we do.