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Are all Detroit criminals that stupid?


shutterstock_93961843[LEGALLY ARMED AMERICA] One week has passed since two thugs were shot while attempting to rob a 70-year-old basketball coach at a high school in Detroit. One of the assailants died and the other survived. The one who died was apparently just as bad at school as he was at robbery because he’d recently been expelled. We thought that criminals would see and hear about that incident and maybe wise up that there were concealed carry permit holders walking the streets who aren’t afraid to defend themselves. Well, apparently some didn’t get the memo.

On Thursday night in Detroit, two teenagers attempted to rob two utility workers. Can you guess who might have been a concealed carry permit holder? You guessed it – one of the utility workers. And can you guess which two idiots were shot? Right again – the two thugs attempting a robbery.

So clearly word doesn’t get around within the thug and criminal network very well in Detroit that innocent citizens who are legally armed and permitted are carrying loaded firearms and very much willing to defend themselves.

While the media refuses to report on these types of success stories, more and more of these instances are happening all over the country. Recent instances from San Diego, to San Antonio, to Texas, to Florida all have the same happy ending – a thug lying on their backs with a legally purchased bullet lodged in them. Another win for us.

We at Legally Armed America encourage everyone to consider obtaining your concealed carry permit if you are comfortable handling and carrying a loaded firearm. As more and more criminals hit the pavement from a high-lead diet administered from legal, permitted concealed carry holders, someone in the Thugland community will eventually take notice. An armed society is a polite society.