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Source says President Obama stockpiling ammo in Indiana bunker


[EXAMINER.COM] President Barack Obama is pushing hard for gun control. On Jan. 20, an unnamed source that works as a government official and spoke on condition of anonymity, contacted the Examiner about a hidden bunker in Crane, Indiana. President Obama has spent a lot of time on television this year talking about ways that he plans to control the gun situation in our country. He even did a big speech right after the Sandy Hook shooting which aired on all major television networks. Today Sen. John Barrasso said that he thinks it is very unlikely that the proposal for gun control will even make it to the senate floor according to The Hill.

The source says that the President is stock piling 223/556 ammo in this bunker, which is called Sarf. This stands for small arms repair facility. This ammo is used in AR15s and other assault rifles. The source says he is contacting the top manufacturers and buying every thing they are making. This is his way of controlling it. The source says that President Obama is forcing the ammunition distributors to fill the government orders which leaves no ammo to fulfill civilian orders. He realizes he can’t take our guns so he will just take our ammo instead which makes our guns totally useless.

The source went on to say that President Obama is aware that it will be hard to get any laws to pass which prohibit people from owning their own assault rifles. The second amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms. This is not the first time someone has claimed that the government was stockpiling. Back in August, Conservative Daily reported the government was buying a lot of ammo and riot gear. Do you believe that the President would do this?

Do you think that President Obama is smart to stockpile this ammo? Do you believe that is true? Sound off in the comments below.

  • jesuslovesyou101

    There are 2 reasons (as far as I can see) that drying up the supply of ammunition would be of use. Because manufacturers can always make more. Just will take time to catch back up.

    1. They intend to pass such strict regulations on the manufacturers, that most will just go out of business. There by making ammunition so scarce, that prices would be way out of most citizens’ price range.

    2. And the more extreme, and frightening reason. Is that the Administration foresees a very literal and real domestic conflict arising. And depleting most of the ” rebels’ ” ammunition supply, as well as leaving plenty for themselves, would greatly tip the odds. As drone attacks on US citizens would only add fuel to the fire and bring more to the cause. As well as show the rest of the world, their true colors.

    Our country was literally designed from the bottom up to be very resistant to tyranny. So it makes sense that it would take a very long time for it to come about. And would have to be done quietly so the populous would not become wise to it, before it was too late. Pretending like politicians, many ofwhom lie in most any statement they make, won’t turn on they’re fellow citizens, is ignorant and only asking for trouble.

  • Great thoughts, “jesuslovesyou101”. While neither sound good, I agree that #2 is pretty frightening!