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Sen. Chuck Schumer Says the NRA Is an Extreme ‘Fringe Group’


[THE BLAZE] Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sat down with HuffPost Live Friday, where he made a noteworthy statement about the rapidly-growing National Rifle Association.

Responding to interviewer Alicia Menendez’s question about whether Schumer’s colleagues are “willing to admit” that the NRA is a “fringe group,” the senator responded: “Well they sure are a fringe group, but whether enough of my colleagues are ready to admit that, I’m not sure.”

He continued: “They are a very extreme group. They don’t even represent average gun holders.”

The two proceeded to discuss certain gun control measures and Schumer’s intention to “push hard” to get them passed.

The Huffington Post summarizes:

The New York Democrat [said] that when he worked on the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, which went into effect in 1994, the NRA “had such power that they filled it up with loopholes.” The Brady Law required background checks for firearm purchasers.

“Now 40 percent of the guns that are sold in America have no check, even felons can get them,” Schumer said. “If we can plug that up, that would be great.”

Schumer told HuffPost Live he would like to see the number of bullets in a clip limited and assault weapons banned as well, but that he thinks universal background checks will probably be the easiest measure to pass through the House and the one that would have the most impact.

“We’re going to push hard to get that one done and even through the House,” he said.

The NRA says its membership has grown by roughly 250,000 people in just the past month. On Saturday, thousands of Second Amendment supporters rallied across the country in support of their rights.